Why choose to travel and hang out with us?


  1. Our programs are authentic. 
    We strive to make each trip unique in its own way and an experience that you typically don’t get to have anywhere else. Our goal is to introduce you to different parts of the country that you never knew existed and engage in ways that every-day tourists don’t get to.
  2. We think you’re awesome and that you’re full of potential.
    Our programs are designed for you to be able to tap in to who you are and how you can contribute to the world. You’ll be encouraged to start exploring your interests and broadening your horizon through the help of experienced and skilled mentors.
  3. You’ll constantly be engaged.
    With our no cell-phone/Wi-Fi policy, you’ll get to connect more with the service work you’ll be doing and the great, big world that is all around you. This helps you be more present, safe, and involved on each trip. No worries- your trip leaders will have access to technology in case of an emergency.
  4. You get to travel- at a cheap price.
    Each of our trips are an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, which means that we travel to other communities throughout the United States. Through the support of some of our really awesome sponsors, we are able to offer these trips free or at a very low cost. See, our sponsors believe in you too.
  5. Our trip leaders are legit.
    All of our trip leaders are certified and trained in things from Wilderness Medicine to CPR/First-Aid. They also have backgrounds in Education, Service, and Leadership (to name a few) and spend a lot of time getting trained to ensure that our trips are done responsibly and that you’ll be in the best hands possible.
  6. We won’t disappear after your trip.
    When you return home from your trip, we continue to stay connected with you. Through our community projects, we help you figure out how you can serve at home, and introduce you to the adventures that are available in your backyard. We also have some cool connections with community resources that provide unique opportunities for you too.
  7. You’ll always be well-prepared.
    We’ll never go on a trip without providing you with everything you need to know about it. Our pre-trip meetings are created to help you get to know the other participants, get educated on the community or area you’ll be in, and learn more about the issue we’ll be serving. If there’s additional training involved, we’ll be sure to include that too.
  8. We believe that giving back to your own community is important.
    To us, community is a group of people creating a positive, supportive and compassionate place in which to live and grow. You get to be part of making your own community really awesome. Our trips provide you with experience, new challenges, and a different way of viewing the world. Then, we help you find ways to best apply that to your life every day. Even the smallest actions create a strong community.
  9. Everything is hands-on.
    The best way to learn is through experience. To help you process the impact of what you do on each trip, we incorporate reflection both as a group and individually. You’ll always be actively engaged.
  10. Because, why not?