We were excited to have Summer join us for the first time this year! She was able to jump in on our Tidal Days trips and was so fun to get to know. Thank you for sharing your experience, Summer! We hope you stick around.

“This summer I applied to join High Tide on one of their summer expeditions. I applied late and didn’t really expect to be chosen, but a couple of weeks later I got an email about joining them for their indoor rock climbing trip. On our trip to Nashville, we first went to The Food Project, where we prepared food for the homeless. I had a great time talking to some of the staff, and preparing fajitas to be taken downtown. After that, we went to the Parthenon, where we ate lunch and did some reflecting. While I was reflecting on the service work we had just accomplished, I was surprised to realize how many people devote themselves to keeping the homeless in the area clothed and fed every day. Volunteers pass through every day to help out anywhere they are needed, and supplies are donated all the time. When we left the Parthenon, we headed over to Climb Nashville to do some indoor rock climbing. There we were taught how to use the auto-belay system and got a few pointers and tips on the most efficient ways to climb. I had a great time with High Tide and I have definitely recommended it to friends.”