Through community service, cross-cultural exploration of various parts of America and the world, and an added sense of adventure, our summer trips are ideal for teens who feel drawn to new and unique experiences.

With a program design that values reciprocity, High Tide strives to build meaningful relationships and opportunities with gracious hosts and communities to truly make your experience unlike any other. This experiential learning introduces you to a routine that is completely different from the one you know, and opens a door for overcoming new and creative challenges.

So, what makes our programs different and unique? When you return home from any of our High Tide trips, we won’t leave you hanging. Processing your experience can take time and we get that. We’re dedicated to the follow-up and will provide self-applications, reflection materials, and continued support as you work through how you can best contribute to the world.

Tidal Days: 

We understand that overnight trips aren’t always for everyone. But you can still make a big difference or have an awesome adventure in one day too. These retreats are designed to get you out of your comfort zone and trying new things a little closer to home. All Tidal Days trips are open to youth ages 13-18 years old. Our Tidal Days currently take place during the summer. Check back here for more info and trip announcements!

Summer Expeditions:

Our Summer Expeditions are five-day trips designed to provide you with the most unique experiences in communities throughout the United States. Each trip will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge you by including a community service focus and adventure component. Each night, we will focus on group and individual reflection to help gain a deeper understanding of what we have seen, who we have served, what we have done, and why these things are important. This is where we will start the conversation of how our service and experience relates to you and your own community, and what you can do to continue making a difference once you get home. These trips are open to youth ages 15-18 years old. Our Summer Expeditions currently take place during the summer. Check back here for more info and trip announcements!

Local Community Programs:

Not only do we want our participants to feel connected on our trips, but in their community as well. Our local community programs may include serving those in need at a weekly community meal, spending a night camping under the stars, or kayaking down Cypress Creek. There are so many opportunities right under our noses! These programs occur throughout the year during various seasons. More information on upcoming ways to get connected can be found here!

Mentoring Programs:

One of our biggest goals is to create a mentoring program that will allow community members to get more involved with our teens. Our vision is to create trips centered around pairing participants and mentors together for a day or week of service and adventure. We truly believe that this program will open up opportunities for both to learn from one another and build strong, positive relationships. Part of our current fundraising efforts include building a mentor program to be launched for the 2018 year. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, or would like to contribute to the development of it, please contact us at There is a link available on our DONATE page for contributions.