Julianna was one of the first teens in our program to believe in what we were trying to do. She has participated on our trips, flipped pancakes at our fundraiser, and donated her babysitting money to help support High Tide. We think she’s pretty amazing. Check out what High Tide means to her, in her own words.

“I am beyond grateful that I get to be involved with High Tide!! Life is messy and this program gives you a way to escape and break out of your comfort zone. I got involved because I knew Bethany and Tucker and wanted to support them. I stay involved because of the many opportunities they’ve given me. It’s a change of pace and environment which is something that is so needed in a town as small as ours. The work we do is challenging but always rewarding. High Tide has strengthened my passion to help others and it gives me a sense of who I am. This past trip was especially great because it gave me a really good idea of what I want do with my life. I’m so thankful for the chance to do this.”

– Julianna Manchester