Carter’s Story

I remember the first time we met Carter. He was quiet, reserved, and observant. We were approaching our first High Tide trip, and Carter was a willing participant ready to try something new but still a bit nervous to step out of his comfort zone. My favorite mental image of him is watching him jump into a lake for the first time- cannonball and all. I wish there were enough words to describe the growth and transformation that we’ve seen in Carter throughout the past year. He’s thoughtful, ambitious, and has an incredible future ahead of him. Here is Carter’s take on High Tide and what it means to him…

“I enjoyed my time with the High Tide program because of how it challenged me to socialize and leave my comfort zone. The first High Tide trip was incredibly interesting because it encouraged us to do farm work and learn about nature. We
also got to participate in various outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, and a campfire barbecue. The second High Tide trip was even more elaborate and thought-provoking because we helped the less fortunate, which made us think about how lucky we are to have what we have. We spent two of our days in Asheville, North Carolina working for the YMCA traveling food truck delivering fresh meals to various impoverished areas around Asheville. It was truly rewarding watching how excited the children would get upon seeing the truck coming. We also went caving in Worley’s Cave in Bluff City, Tennessee. It was a refreshing change of pace because instead of a challenge of comprehension and empathy, it was a challenge of bravery and determination as we descended deep into the cavern. It was really intense and required full effort, but at the same time it was an incredibly thrilling and memorable challenge that filled me with confidence. Though there have only been two trips I have participated on so far, I already know that I will never forget my time with High Tide Adventure, and I am excited to see where this program will go in the coming years as its reputation in the community grows.”
– Carter Bradford

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