The mission of High Tide Adventure is to create unique opportunities for personal development in today’s youth through adventure and service experiences.

High Tide is our way of providing teenage adolescents with a new outlook on life and on themselves as an individual. We want them to be equipped with the tools to become the best men and women they can possibly be- which is why we’re partnering with communities and organizations within the United States, and overseas, in order to provide them with a new outlook and a bigger perspective. In return, they develop an importance for their sense of self, social responsibility, and a genuine respect for the world around them.

These opportunities come in the form of trips- weekend, week-long, and so on. The trips are designed to focus on serving others, stepping outside of comfort zones, and getting away from social isolation.

High Tide uses a service-learning approach to create unique challenges that aid in the future intentions of those that are involved, whether it is in their commitment to service or enabling them to pursue a path that builds on their personal interests and goals. Participants will begin to introduce important questions into their lives such as: Who am I? What are my interests? What do I want to contribute to the world? How do I get there from here? 

One of the most important components of our organization is when we return from the trips. We are committed to sticking with our participants to help them figure out ways to get connected in their own communities and seek out opportunities to give back based on what they’ve learned about themselves and about creating social change right where they live.

It’s also an opportunity to get away from social media and the norms that they’ve become accustomed to, in order to reach their highest point- their “High Tide.”

At the end of the day, we’re setting up experiences in hopes of replacing the “I can’t” with “I did, and it was awesome. And I’ll never be the same.”